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Why Get SchoolED?

In two plus decades of my professional journey, I’ve gained some amazing opportunities, greatest of mentors, crème de la crème in my network and unparalleled resources.

I’ve travelled to places, interacted with some of the key individuals, had a blast along my journey, raised equity, debts and non repayable funds, and have grown emotionally, spiritually, physically, intellectually and financially.

Today, this sounds fun, but it was not fun in the beginning.

I too was an average student, was working in a perfect company, living the life as per my parents dreams, but those goals were set up for me by my parents.

While, life had different goals for me, I had no resource, no network, no skills and yet had a dream of establishing my business and in this journey I have mastered the skills, interacted with & mentored by some of the greatest personalities, and I almost forget, that, I once was living in the resource crunch.

This newsletter is the sum total of my skills, and expertise and here I’ll be sharing the skills & learnings, opportunities, resources, and will allow you to interact with and network with some of the experts & global leaders, and together we will empower you to set and conquer your goals.

Thankfully, You have someone who is willing to take the major pain for you while all you have to do is to Get Schooled.

Hi! I’m Himannshu Sharma, an enabler, who enables you to access the quality and to the point content on topics of extreme importance & relevance, you may browse through my work or can connect with me for various interactive podcasts & articles or to ask me anything.

Basically, I’m your charioteer who will show you the path, will provide you the resources to walk the path and will enable you to gain success on this path. 

What will you get as a subscriber?

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